Adventure Awaits

Have you ever noticed how truly amazing our hometown is? From the vast landscapes to the many seasons we experience (sometimes all in one day!), our region is magnificent. In the past month of my reign, I have done a bit of traveling and have been pleasantly reminded of why I love my home so much. As a representative of this area I feel it is my duty to remind you too, of all its wonders! Here are just a few of my favorites….

From its pristine waters scattered with beautiful islands to the towering arches of the Thousand Islands Bridge, the St. Lawrence River is guaranteed to take your breath away. Flowing at 744 miles and between two countries, the St. Lawrence River has drastically helped shape our economy. If you’re looking for a relaxing trip or a weekend getaway, the river is sure to do the trick!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.25.08 AM

Hop on a boat or set sail to check out all 1,864 beautiful islands of the St. Lawrence! Did you know in order to be a legitimate island, the piece of land must be surrounded by the river, be above water year-round, and support at least one tree? Even if you don’t have your own watercraft, you can still take in the sights from an Uncle Sam’s Boat Tour! If you’re really lucky, they will even let you steer the ship!



One of a kind boutiques and delicious restaurants surround the charming area of Clayton, NY, home of the Miss Thousand Islands Pageant. Take a stroll down the main drag and grab some cheese curd, or head over the Antique Boat Museum for some unique history! Still haven’t caught your eye? Well then, the brightly colored chairs down in Frink Park sure will! Take a breather and sink back in the large adirondack chairs perfectly placed to take in the best views of the river!



If you love adventure like me, then the Black River is sure to tickle your fancy. From its scenic views and raging rapids, it is sure to leave you with a sense of excitement. Young or old, the Black River has something to offer everyone.


This time of year, everybody loves cider and donuts, and there’s no better place to grab them both than the Burrville Cider Mill! I visited with Miss Northern New York’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Brianna Lockwood just a few weeks ago, and we bonded over these delicious fall treats.



While there is much more to see in our neck of the woods, these are just some of the iconic sites that make me love my home even more. What makes you love this region? Get out and explore- adventure is waiting.


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